Discover Casablanca

  1. Hassan II Mosque: One of the largest mosques in the world, this architectural marvel is a must-visit. Its intricate design and stunning location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean make it a sight to behold.

  2. Corniche: Take a stroll along the Corniche, a picturesque promenade that runs along the coast. Enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful views of the ocean and the city skyline.

  3. Old Medina: Explore the historic Old Medina of Casablanca, with its narrow streets, bustling markets, and traditional Moroccan architecture. Be sure to visit the Central Market (Marché Central) for a glimpse of local life.

  4. Casablanca Cathedral: This former Roman Catholic church, now known as the Sacré-Cœur Cathedral, is a striking example of neo-Gothic architecture. It’s worth a visit for its impressive interior and historical significance.

  5. Rick’s Café: Inspired by the iconic film “Casablanca,” Rick’s Café is a popular restaurant and piano bar that recreates the atmosphere of the movie. Enjoy a meal or a drink while soaking in the ambiance of this famous establishment.

  6. Museum of Moroccan Judaism: Learn about the history and culture of Morocco’s Jewish community at this museum, which houses a collection of artifacts, photographs, and documents.

  7. Villa des Arts: This art museum showcases contemporary Moroccan art as well as temporary exhibitions from around the world. It’s a great place to explore the vibrant cultural scene of Casablanca.

  8. Shopping: Casablanca offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, from modern malls like Morocco Mall to traditional souks and markets. Shop for Moroccan handicrafts, spices, textiles, and more.

  9. Art Deco Architecture: Take a walking tour of Casablanca’s Art Deco district, which boasts numerous buildings dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. Admire the stylish facades and elegant designs of these architectural gems.

  10. Dining and Nightlife: Experience Casablanca’s culinary scene by dining at local restaurants and trying traditional Moroccan dishes like tagine and couscous. After dark, explore the city’s vibrant nightlife with its bars, clubs, and live music venues.

Remember to also take time to simply wander the streets of Casablanca, soak in the atmosphere, and interact with the friendly locals.

  1. Cheap Flights to Casablanca: Travelers often search for affordable flights to Casablanca. To find cheap flights, it’s advisable to use flight comparison websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights. These platforms allow users to compare prices from various airlines and booking agents to find the best deals. Additionally, travelers can sign up for fare alerts or newsletters from airlines to receive notifications about special promotions and discounts.

  2. Economic City: Casablanca is home to the Casablanca Finance City (CFC), which is an economic and financial hub in Morocco. The CFC aims to attract international businesses and investment by offering various incentives and benefits, such as tax exemptions and a favorable regulatory environment. It serves as a platform for companies operating in sectors such as finance, insurance, technology, and professional services to establish a presence in North Africa and access markets across the continent.

  3. Distance Between Casablanca and Other Touristic Cities: Casablanca is strategically located within relatively short distances from several other popular tourist destinations in Morocco. Here are approximate driving distances from Casablanca to some notable cities:

    • Marrakech: Approximately 220 kilometers (137 miles) southwest of Casablanca, about a 2.5 to 3-hour drive.
    • Rabat: Approximately 90 kilometers (56 miles) northeast of Casablanca, about a 1 to 1.5-hour drive.
    • Essaouira: Approximately 360 kilometers (224 miles) southwest of Casablanca, about a 4-hour drive.
    • Fez: Approximately 320 kilometers (199 miles) northeast of Casablanca, about a 3.5 to 4-hour drive.
  4. Best 5-Star Hotels in Casablanca: Casablanca boasts several luxurious 5-star hotels that cater to discerning travelers. While individual preferences may vary, here are ten highly regarded 5-star hotels in Casablanca:

    • Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca
    • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche
    • Hyatt Regency Casablanca
    • Mövenpick Hotel Casablanca
    • Le Royal Mansour Méridien
    • Kenzi Tower Hotel
    • Hôtel & Spa Le Doge
    • Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers
    • Radisson Blu Hotel, Casablanca City Center
    • Gray Boutique Hotel and Spa

These hotels offer luxurious accommodations, impeccable service, and a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for guests visiting Casablanca.